Reports Available

1. Filter Event/Warnings:

Visual and acoustic Reports are available on-screen for such events as:

  • Attempt to destroy/disconnect the GPS equipment;
  • Occurrence of events defined by the user itself that have been implemented as a solution through sensors attached to the GPS equipment’s available inputs (eg doors opened recognition, car alarm start, temperature sensor, etc.);
  • Start/stop of the car engine;

2. Analytical reports - for selected car:

  • Daily route Report;
  • Standing Report;
  • Geofence violation Report;
  • Fuel consumption Report and debates between consumption and gas tank refill data;
  • Detailed report of all the positions from a car in one day;
  • Tachograph;

3. Synthetic Reports - for the whole fleet:

  • Fuel consumption Report;
  • Debates between normed and/or real fuel consumption and fuel feeding, calculated between each gas refill time period;
  • Speed Report;
  • Personal driver mileage report - for all drivers;
  • Distances traveled by a car or a group of vehicles within a user-defined time (eg between 19.00 - 7.00);
  • Counties/cities where one or more cars passed in a certain period of time, and optional route details;
  • Stationary location of one or more vehicles within a period of time;
  • Car fleet route report summary;
  • Report for overdue insurance, registration or taxes expiration;