Classic buying



Package 1 Package 2
GPS equipment price 79 € 79 €
Installing 30 € 30 €
STANDARD software license

- Annual Payment
45 € / year ---
STANDARD software license

- Monthly payments
--- 5 € / month

PROMOTION: Only 134 Euro/GPS/first year, for acquisition in the classical system, with all costs included: GPS + installation + Standard software license paid for the first year of use. If you want other features of the GPS system you select to purchase a software license extended to any and all of our optional software modules. Starting with the second year of the contract, you pay only the software license.

The above prices include a discount of 25 Euro for permission to apply on vehicles stickers with the words "GPS monitored vehicle -".

The above prices do not include VAT.

Operational leasing on 4 years

Acquisition GPS price Installing Standard software license

Operational leasing on 4 years Included in

30 € 7,5 € / month

Optional Software modules

In addition to the functionality of standard software license (standard software license charges are 5 E / month for a monthly payment or 45 Euro fo standard license / year if you choose to pay annual license), you can choose to purchase one or more modules optional software, such as:
Optional software modules Price/GPS
Annual Payment or Monthly Payment
Reports for fuel consumption and deviations from the normal consumption 10 € / year 1 € / month
Reports for personal interest trips 5 € / year 0,5 € / month
Points of interest 10 € / year 1 € / month
Warning for documents- insurances, technical inspections etc 10 € / year 1 € / month
Driving style 5 € / year 0,5 € / month
Tailor made reports (Business Intelligence type) 18 € / year 1,5 € / month
TOTAL 58 € / year 5,5 € / month
DISCOUNTS: If you decide to use any of the optional software modules above and you choose to pay annual software license, we will offer a 10% discount to the total value of these software modules, so the annual license fee for all optional software modules will be 52 euro / year. In this case, the cost of annual software license STANDARD + all optional modules reach 97 Euro / year / GPS.

PROMOTION: Only 167 Euro / GPS / first year of use, with all costs included: GPS + Standard + installation + software license for ALL the above optional software modules for the first year of use!

If you choose to purchase any optional software modules in the first year we will give the user a total discount of 45 Euro / GPS combined rate for the first year (GPS + equipment installation is 109 Euro plus 45 E / year for the license STANDARD + 58 Euro / year cost of all optional software modules, totaling 212 Euro / first year). This discount is maximum and cancels any of the discount offer.

Optional Accessories Prices

Download Price List Optional accessories here.