GPS tracking solutions and products


GPS tracking solutions are meant to locate one or more vehicles, people, pets or other assets. This can either be done in real time or by viewing their history and displaying them on an interactive digital map. SAS Group offers a range of 3 GPS-based products which can be used for various purposes, depending on customers’ needs.

For companies, we recommend our Professional GPS Fleet Management System.

Professional GPS Fleet Management System - SAS Fleet Pro

Besides the GPS tracking function for car fleets, we provide an effective tool for controlling and optimizing fleets’ routes. It can cut logistics and transportation costs with at least 20% while increasing fleets’ performance by an average of 30%. The professional GPS tracking system provided by our company enables free integration with routing programs or other fleet management applications (like ERP's). Our complex mapping and reporting system offers a broad range of reports regarding fleets’ current and past activity, thus making it a very powerful fleet optimization tool.

For individuals and companies mainly targeting tracking functionalities, we recommend two solutions - both including free software, no activation and no service fees:

GPS Locator (SASLocator)

Our GPS locator titled "SAS Locator" is intended for the surveillance and tracking of personal vehicles, assets or fleets which do not necessitate complex routing reports. The GPS equipment is simply mounted and embedded onboard the vehicle. Optionally, the GPS locator can be connected to the vehicle’s alarm and send alerts in case the alarm is triggered. It could also be utilized as an alerting tool in case of accidents or other emergency incidents. In this case, the vehicle(s) will no longer start.

SASLocator can be configured to send alerts via SMS or emails in the following situations: Speeding violations, Geofence (security zone) violation, internal alarm trigger or emergency situations (such as accidents).

Universal Personal GPS Tracker- SASTracker

The Universal Personal GPS Locator (GPS personal tracker) is small and its autonomy is of   approximately 16 hours. It can be easily placed in a bag, backpack, pocket, motorcycle, car, or even a cat/dog collar! This way, you can always locate your children, be able to have an immediate connection to certain members of the family, locate pets  and secure assets.

Especially when it comes to   seniors or children, SASTracker is supplied with an SOS button that can be configured to send alerts via SMS and e-mail in case of emergencies, informing about the incident as well as its current location. Two more buttons can also be used in order to communicate via the cellular network (voice) with two predefined phone numbers. This feature is essential especially for children or people suffering from conditions such as/similar to Alzheimer's disease,  which might make dialing a phone number from the keypad into a very difficult task.